Maxime Bernier

Member of Parliament for Beauce

Member of Parliament for Beauce since 2006, Maxime Bernier ran for CPC leadership in 2017 and was first to sign the GS Pledge.

Tasha Kheiriddin

Political Commentator and Radio Host, Global and CBC

A Montreal native, Tasha hosts the Noon show on Global 640 and is a regular on CBC and Global politics panels.

Germain Belzile

Senior Associate Researcher, Montreal Economic Institute

Having taught economics for over thirty years, first at UQAM, then HEC Montréal, Germain is a regular participant in debates, interviews and conferences on economics and liberalism.

Christine Van Geyn

Ontario Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

A lawyer by trade, Christine joined the Canadian Taxpayers Federation's team in 2015 and has been fighting the tax and spend ideology in government ever since.

Vincent Geloso

Post-doctoral Researcher at Texas Tech

A London School of Economics PhD, Vincent Geloso is one of the leading figures in Quebec's growing pro-liberty movement.

Angèle Grenier

Maple Syrup Rebel

For years, Angèle has been fighting the FPAQ for the right to sell her maple syrup freely, without having to go through the FPAQ's enforced monopoly.

Grant Dingwall

Founder, Free My Booze

Grant Dingwall is a former political staffer with a background in research, policy and communications. In 2015, he launched FreeMyBooze.ca to fight against retail monopolies on alcohol.

Jeff Ballingall

Founder of Ontario Proud and BC Proud

Jeff founded 2 of the most popular and engaged Facebook pages in Canadian news and politics. He has extensive experience in digital public affairs, with previous employment with Navigator Ltd., Sun Media, Toronto City Hall and Parliament Hill.

Matt Bufton

Executive Director, Institute for Liberal Studies

Having co-founded the Institute for Liberal Studies in 2006, Matt has been travelling the country, educating young Canadians on the ideas of classical liberalism.

Renaud Brossard

Executive Director, Generation Screwed

Involved with GS since 2014, Renaud has worked his way to the role of Generation Screwed Executive Director.